Sunday, December 7, 2014

December 7

The past week or so I've been dealing with a lot at home (nothing bad). I've also been unmotivated and super busy, etc etc. The usual. I'm always busy though...Kids, workout, errands, house, biz, kids so there is really no excuse for not working out or eating well EXCEPT for the fact that I'm just being stubborn and lazy and maybe a little hormonal. 
But the part of me that doesn't like how I feel when I'm not active or cheating on meals is screaming at me to not go down this path and to remember how good I feel and how positive I am and how much energy I have when I'm doing what I should be doing. 
I've also been slacking on working my business. So I just spent the last hour or so, while Hal is installing the dishwasher, adding tasks to my calendar for the week and making them as fool-proof and easy as possible. 
So here's to hitting the reset button and charging forward!