Friday, March 13, 2015

21 day Fix Extreme March 13, 2015

Today is Day 12. Still waking up at 6:05am and working out. Still passing out by 11pm next to my hubby 😘 I'm giving all that I have to make this a habit. I don't want to be prediabetic anymore. I don't want to be hurting in 10 years because I've been carrying around so much weight. I'm taking this program to the end of my weight loss journey and into the maintenance game. Haven't checked my weight yet. Won't until after the 21 days are over. I was at 250 even on Day 1. My previous goal was to just breakthrough the 200 barrier but now I'm thinking 185 or 180 would be good. I was around that when I was in High School. I wore short cheerleader skirts in HS and could run a 3/4 mile in 6 minutes.  So I think 180/185 is reasonable. 70 lbs away. I've already made it 30 lbs. 

I know how I feel when I eat badly. The food may taste good and make me
Feel good for a few minutes but then I feel heavy and want more. My biggest weakness right now is sugar. When I cut up the muffins Hal brings from the hotel I can smell the sugar. This morning I had a few small pieces. It may just be a few but it's like giving an alcoholic or a drug addict a small fix. I just want more!!! I don't even crave bread or cheese at all which I tend to go for over sweets. But the sugar is LETHAL!! I'm working on will power at this point. I can't lock myself up in my house with good food. I have to trust that I won't break when around bad stuff. As long as I have a healthy option, I think I can do it. I HAVE had Girl Scout cookies in my house for about a week and a half now and haven't touched or smelled one! That's saying something!! Little by little I will know when to have and when not and be okay with telling people "no thanks" instead of "uh, heck yeah!" 

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